I provide snare drum tuition to individuals & groups from all backgrounds, age groups and ability levels.

The lessons can take place at a pre-arranged and mutually convenient place, at an individual's home or online via Skype. The tuition is tailored to each individual or group's skill level - whether that is starting from the very beginning or improving on existing drumming ability. Progress will be monitored and regular feedback given.

Lessons will equip beginners with the skills to join a pipe band if they so wish and enable existing drummers to improve their performance within a pipe band setting. Tuition is also provided for drummers who want to improve their skills on a solo level and will prepare them for solo drumming contests or solo performances.

Drum Corps Tuition

As I have been a leading drummer and have progressed as a snare drummer through all grades from Novice Juvenile to my current Grade 1 band, I am well aware of what it takes for a drum corps to improve and progress. My drum corps tuition is for existing drum corps looking to improve as a whole unit, either for band engagements or for competition purposes. Tuition covers snare drumming, tenor drumming and/or bass drumming, whatever is necessary.

Drum tuning and maintenance is essential to a good sounding corps and is included during the sessions.

Pipe Band Workshops

These workshops are aimed at whole pipe bands wishing to improve their ensemble performance. The workshops involve half day or full day sessions during which I make an initial assessment on the drum corps performance, the drum scores being played and the pipe band performance as a whole. Piping tuition can be included if requested.

The ensemble is a major component of the general performance which can make the difference between a band's success or failure in a competition. Bagpipe and Drum maintenance will feature as part of the workshop.

Drum Scores

I actively encourage regular rudiment practice and the reading of drum scores (music) from the outset. I hand out rudiment sheets and drum scores during teaching sessions. This practice is essential for those drummers who want to understand the music and progress through the pipe band grades and/or take drumming exams, whether at school or at college.

I compose and edit snare drum, tenor & bass scores, including scores for competitions, parades, concerts and drum salutes. This can be done for individuals and drum corps and will be tailored to ability and progression levels.